Optical Sculpture

Optical sculpture possesses a range of possibility unlike any medium I have experimented with. Cardboard itself can be amazing. I have learned quite a bit about making sculpture with cardboard, and I have only gotten started, The potential is mindboggling. I became obsessed with it almost six years ago, designing structural projects I cut from scrap on the laser. Since, I have presented at two conferences on Cardboard, and its use in unconventional ways. It is a media that speaks to reuse, repurpose, and our waste in the environment.

I didn’t consider using cardboard in my sculpture, till I was asked to show alongside another metal sculptor. I took the opportunity to explore a different medium, with admittedly limited initial results. It didn’t come together till I started to use scans, realistic imagery, and playing with light. There are about a half dozen ways to use optical techniques to make visually stunning, monumental, and architectural sculpture. Currently I am looking at crafting hybrid pieces, half metal / half cardboard. I am also experimenting with other panel material, such as concrete, drywall, and plastic, combining these techniques with optical devices like mirrors, glass or polished aluminum.